The Mach 200 Series

The industry’s most robust WaterJet solution, unmatched in technology and design.

Cuts any shape you could want out of pretty much any material.

Cuts everything except diamonds!

CAD system, so any cut, even 3D is a possibility.

Combine multiple stones to create luxurious stone inlays.

Watch our WaterJet in action.

Cutting out a Stone Jersey map. https://fb.watch/gFX9EMrqul/

Cutting out 12 Metal exhaust manifold extenders, video below.

The Mach 200 is unmatched in accuracy, quickness and speed, making it your most productive solution. The system is revolutionary in terms of reliability and productivity, backed by the only comprehensive service program in waterjet. Uniquely flexible, the Mach 200 can be everything you want, or just what you need.

With Pivot+ Waterjet the Mach 200 allows JMCO to confidently take on more advanced waterjet applications. The compact cutting head uses a simplified, low-profile, design to deliver 5-axis cutting with taper control.

We have been educating future engineers.

St Michaels School engineering students came along to a private showcase of the WaterJet in action. They were inspired and had many questions during their visit.

We cut a car model to give to each of the students as a souvenir.

See images below.

Water management system.

We recycle our wastewater using a Dal Prete water management system, this is a highly efficient, automatic and compact water treatment plant, that removes the sludge and grit from the wastewater, turning it back into clean water to be used again in the factory process.

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